Will documents printed on ink jet printers become a deinking nightmare?

Inkjet prints cannot be recycled for new newsprint or copying paper just as old newspapers or magazines.  The ink cannot be removed during the recycling process; it leaves a dark shade for the new paper.  The recycling paper mills can still cope with single inkjet prints from households or offices.  However, direct mail or newspapers printed with inkjet act like a sponge full of ink and even in small amounts these kinds of printed products can cause the system of graphic paper recycling to collapse.
In January 2008, the International Association of the Deinking Industry (INGEDE) issued a press release warning against problems in the recycling of ink jet imaged papers.  This release was followed by an article from INGEDE’s Axel Fischer in the April 2008 Recycling magazine, which claimed ink jet-imaged papers cannot be successfully deinked, and that there are dangerous papers heading toward an ecological dead end.   Fischer has also made similar presentations at various industry meetings.  This is very similar to the hue and cry raised in the 1990s about f lexo printed newspapers creating unsolvable problems for mills making deinked recycled newsprint.  There are similarities between flexo inks and the supposedly nondeinkable ink jet inks.

To read the full report go to:



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