In this new media world, print is not dead; it is interactive.

As an industry, printers have struggled to find our place in this world of new media, and all too often, we are out there promoting and defending print based on the wrong arguments. Let’s face it, the “good old days” of print as we have known and loved it for centuries are never coming back. But that certainly does not mean that print is dead. It just needs to find its place in this new world order.

Our job is to first educate ourselves about the possibilities, and then pass that education along to our customers. By getting involved now with new technologies print service providers can add significant value to their service offerings and increase their credibility with customers.

At the same time we are facing dynamic change in our world, so is the world of marketing. Marketing executives need to find new and better ways to communicate with customers and prospects to break through the clutter of the thousands of marketing messages we are bombarded with each day. They also must do so in a fashion that allows them to track and measure results and clearly demonstrate the return on investment their efforts are delivering.

Marketing executives increasingly have a natural tendency to turn to alternative media in lieu of print, as these media are often perceived as less expensive, more environmentally friendly and more effective. That predisposition to alternative media is only going to continue to grow, especially as younger professionals join the marketing work force. It is also important to keep in mind that decisions about which media to use are generally made at the agency/marketing level. It is only if a decision to include print is made that the seasoned print buyers many of us are used to calling on will even get involved. Many of those seasoned print buyers have no idea what is going on in their organizations relative to alternative media; and sadly, many of them are losing their jobs as companies respond to the ongoing economic turmoil.

That leaves us with an increasing need to work directly with marketing, helping them to understand some of the innovative ways they can leverage multiple channels (including print) for more effective, affordable campaigns.   Marketers are eager to learn, as long as we are able to approach them in a consultative manner and bring real value to the discussion.

The above is an exert of a piece written by Cary Sherburne on May 28th, 2009.  The entire blog can be found at:


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