Sustainable Printing Tips

Developing sustainable printing habits is not just a phase or a craze, but is an essential part of being a responsible citizen of the world. HP seeks to help those who would like to make a commitment towards becoming a more responsible printer user by posting a few tips and tricks on their website.

Before you can even start making changes, HP advises that you need to know where you are at this point as far as your current printing habits go. To help users create a benchmark, the HP Carbon Footprint Calculator for printing is available online for free. It evaluates a user’s current printing system and makes suggestions on how one can lower energy costs and consumption as well as paper usage. Among the changes that you might need to make are ensuring that you turn the power of your unit off and installing a universal printer driver.

For those who are looking to buy a new printer or replace an old one, then it is beneficial that you purchase ‘green’ products, nipping an opportunity to leave a huge carbon footprint in the bud, so to speak. At HP, making a thoughtful and environment-friendly purchase is easy. For one, you can simply look for the Eco Highlights label. The label contains information on how the HP product you are thinking of purchasing was made and transported, as well as how much energy it consumes. Another stamp you will want to look for is the ENERGY STAR Qualified mark.

Going beyond the printer, another way towards making an environment-friendly purchase is to check whether it comes in recyclable packaging. You can also look for information or evidence regarding environment-friendly manufacturing, processing and transportation practices.

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