Consumers to Receive 9,000+ Marketing E-Mails a Year By 2014

I just learned that according to a new forecast from Forrester Research, consumers will receive more than 9,000 e-mail marketing messages a year by 2014.  This equates to about 25 messages a day, more than double the daily average that consumers receive today.

As a result, spending on e-mail marketing will hit $2 billion in five years, nearly double the projected 2009 spending of $1.2 billion the study finds. Forrester states that falling CPMs (cost per thousands), a high return on investment, and growing consumer use of social email accounts will fuel the use of email by direct marketing professionals.

The report “US Email Marketing Forecast, 2009 To 2014” also projects marketers will waste $144 million on e-mail messages that never reach their primary targets because of spam filters as well as sub-par list management and mailing practices.  Increased inbox clutter will also be a deterrent in getting marketing messages viewed.

Don’t under estimate the power of one letter mailed US Snail mail.  A well written letter, on a beautiful letterhead, will stand out among the clutter of email flooding your computer inbox.  Burdge knows how to make beautiful letterheads, when you’re ready, contact me.

Sources:  Forrester press release, Forrester Forecast: US Email Marketing Spending To Reach $2 Billion In 2014, June 15, 2009 and AdAge, Forrester Research Forecasts That Spending Will Hit $2 Billion by 2014. June 16, 2009.


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