The Etiquette of Exchanging Business Cards

I was searching through Youtube the other night and came across this great short video about “The Etiquette of Exchanging Business Cards” and I thought you might be interested in seeing it.
It talks about how the Asian culture has influenced the world in how we give, receive, use and keep business cards. They believe it’s an extension of introducing yourself on paper. This ritual of Asian style business card exchanges is now considered an international business protocol. The rules are:
Presenting your Card

1. Be sure to present your card in clean, pristine condition no different than you would present yourself.

2. Always present your card in your right hand, or with both hands, facing the person to whom you are giving it.

3. Never give a card in your left hand; it is considered a total insult in Moslem and other countries.

Receiving a Card

1. Always receive a card in the same manner you presented it, either in your right hand or with both hands.

2. Take time to study the card, this is your golden opportunity to help remember the person, long after meeting him.

3. Ask the person a question or make a nice comment about the card.4. Never to write on the face of the card. The Japanese believe it’s like writing on the person’s face.

5. Write any notes, on a separate note pad.

6. Never to take a card and immediately put it away.

7. Never put the card in your back pocket wallet.

Keeping Cards

1. Always keep cards in a separate card carrying case. Do not use rubber bands or paper clips, which always damage them.

2. Keep your case in a purse or pocket that is located in the upper part of your body. And again, never place them in the back pants pocket.

3. Never ask a person for another card because you lost it, it is perceived as though you have lost their face.

4. Get the card filed, or entered into your database right away for safekeeping.


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