eMail Holiday Cards May Send the Wrong Message

I have been getting ready to send out our annual email reminder  to customers about ordering holiday cards this year.  In the past few weeks I’ve heard back from many customers who normally send holiday cards that upper management now is requesting that marketing send out eMail Holiday Cards instead of printed cards.

There is no doubt that eMail Holiday cards are less expensive to send than printed cards but what is the real cost of sending eMail cards?  I Googled this and found this article by “BIG” Mike McDaniel that sums it up pretty well.  Mike wrote:

Thinking about saving time and postage this Holiday season by sending your greetings by eMail? Don’t.

Using eMail will get the greeting delivered all right, but it might not be the message you want to convey. eMail is great for rapid communication.  eMail is terrific for business. eMail it is great for old friends to keep in touch. But eMail is a real flop when it comes to expressing genuine emotion or caring.

The sentiment expressed when you snail-mail a card, picked by you, addressed by you and signed by you cannot be duplicated on a color monitor.  Some people like to use the free electronic greeting cards that send an eMail message that points the recipient to a web page that has an animated greeting card, some artificial music, and an ad for a product! What feeling does that convey?

Think back to holidays past and the joy of opening cards and reading the handwritten messages. Now consider how you felt when the card was factory imprinted with the name or business of the sender, or worse, how you felt when your name was stickered on the front by a computer label.

I help people and businesses better understand and use eMail. With over 50 Billion eMail messages holiday greeting.  First, more than half of the people who use eMail still see only plain vanilla text. Newer and fancier eMail programs allow the reader to see fancy pages with color and photos, called HTML. But if you send an HTML encoded eMail message to a friend with plan vanilla text eMail, your message will be lost in lists of code and funny characters. I tell my audiences to stay away from eMail greetings at holiday time. traveling around the globe every day, there is not a lot of room for the flat emotion of an eMail

Send different sentiments to different friends, business associates and relatives. You may want to send a Happy Holidays card to those who might be offended at Merry Christmas. Whether you print or purchase your variety of greeting cards, choose ones that use the same size envelope. Take the time to add a personal note on every card, it will convey emotion and friendship so much more than just your signature.




The Post Office always wants you to mail early, but for best emotional results hold off until after the first of December. In 1860, the goal of the Pony Express was to get mail from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California in ten days. Not much has changed. Mail before December 10 or your snail-mail may not make it in time.

Convey your message of friendship, love and business communication in a very personal way this holiday by not using eMail for seasons greetings.



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