“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” impressed with engraving

This week we received an order to produce the stationery package for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”.  The original Tonight Show identity system was designed in the 1960’s when Johnny Carson was the undisputed king of late night talk shows.  Last month, when NBC announced that they were giving Conan O’Brian the boot in favor of Jay Leno, The Tonight Show took the opportunity to re-brand their iconic look.

Leno looked to the Douglas Oliver Design Office in the recent past when he needed a new look for “The Jay Leno Show”.  Now that Jay was moving back to The Tonight Show it was time to come up with a fresh look.

Kyle Oliver, Douglas Oliver’s son, was tasked with developing the new look for the venerable show.  For the collateral he choose to print on Mohawk Superfine Ultra White paper with a color palette of black and dark green.  Most of the material is printed using the common offset printing process however, when it came to Jay’s own business card and their executive stationery, Kyle choose to engrave the black in order to enhance the products’ look and feel.

“Engraving is nicer and more memorable than regular printing” Kyle said, “one has a limited amount of time to make an impression and with an engraved card that impression is not only visual but tactile as well.”  Kyle went on to say that they were originally going to emboss the stationery but felt that embossing changed the shape of the paper too much.  By using engraving they were able to keep that “touch” feel to their stationery without changing the shape of the paper.

Jay Leno and his executive team will get their new stationery just in time to hand out cards to the first shows live audience.  I’m sure they’ll be impressed.


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