America online with Burdge

America Online, the original web portal, needed a new, fresh, brand identity when they spun off from Time Warner late last year.  The New York branding firm of Wolff Owens was tapped to create a unique look for Aol that incorporated numerous bold graphics representing Aol content in a fun palette of colors and designs.  Originally intended to empower web users to select Aol as their primary web portal, these same users can personalize their landing page with the graphic of their choosing.

In keeping with that same theme, Aol wanted to provide their employees with the ability to personalize their business cards.  In a nation-wide search they, and Wolff Owens, looked for a business partner that could accommodate their unique request.

Our programmers went to work on developing a way that Aol employees could choose amongst different graphic images to be mixed up within their box of business cards.  “Within a week our team came up with a working model demonstrating how the order site would work” according to Craig Nelson, Burdge Vice President of Corporate Sales.  “We were awarded the contract after showing how the site was able to process their order and based on the quality of the finished product.” according to Nelson.

Because of the unique Aol requirement of having a different image on every card, we selected the Xerox color digital printing process produce their cards.  Along with the business cards the same mix of graphic images was used for letterheads, sticky pads, note cards and other stationery items.

Now that the branding team was satisfied with the ordering process, and the look and feel of the products, we now has to satisfy the requirements of Aol procurement.  An XML integration was written so that all orders, placed from Aol offices around the globe, could be ordered, proofed, printed, shipped, tracked, and invoiced with only about 12 minutes of total human contact.   Using the tools now available to us we can drive out all the excess cost of delivering a high end printed product to our customers around the world.


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