“Last year we did an ecard and did not receive such a favorable response so we would like to go back to thegood old ‘card in the mail’.

-Vicky Boekestein, Administrative Assistant, Valley Christian Schools



Vicky sent me this message last week.  The board at her school had decided to go back to printing and mailing their custom Christmas cards for this year. Over the past few months I have heard from several other customers who have had similar experiences with the email holiday messages they had sent out in the past.


Email is a great tool for informative messages but a “Tangible” expression of your appreciation is the most effective, and cost effective, way to differentiate yourself in today’s social media marketplace.

Demonstrating respect for your clients by sending a holiday card is smart business in a tough economy.  It shows you care about them in a manner which builds exceptional loyalty and long-term relationships.

Holiday CardThis year we are planning on mailing a “tangible” card expressing our appreciation to our customers and vendors.  If you would like us to help you print a card that you too can mail this year let me know.  But don’t wait too long, a late holiday card could be worse than no holiday card at all!


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