Ten O’clock on Monday morning, July 11th the Pacific Cup Yacht race will start just inside San Francisco bay on an ebb tide under the Golden Gate bridge.

Five friends; Steve Calhoun, Jim Barber, Scott Barber, Bill Wright and I will be racing 2,050 nautical miles from San Francisco to the finish line at Kaneohe Bay on the north shore of Oahu.

The boat we’re sailing on is a Cal 40 named Psyche owned by Steve. In 1965 Psyche was owned by Don Salisury. Don and five of his friends; George Griffith, Jack Jensen, Ben Mitchell, Connie Dorian and Wade Hill sailed her to victory in the 1965 Transpacific Yacht Race. They finished ahead of 55 other boats competing that year in one of the toughest and fastest races on record, sailing non-stop in 12 days, 5 hours and 6 minutes.

1965 Transpac Psyche crew
Psyche 1965 Transpac crew

Eleven years ago in 2005 I raced with Steve, Jim, Bill, Carlton Seaver and James Learned on Psyche across the Pacific in that year’s Transpac race. We finished 3rd in our class that year.

2005 crew finish
Psyche 2005 crew: Bill Wright, Carton Seaver, Don Burdge, Steve Calhoun, Jim Barber, James Learned

Now, in 2016, fifty-one years later, we will race Psyche across the pacific with the same goal in mind…to win.

We hope to prove that even a boat approaching 60 years old, sailed by guys about that same age, can still sail to victory ahead of the rest of the fleet.

Psyche: winner of the 1965 Transpac

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