April 2018 Meeting Notes

April’s meeting at Comco was attended by Gregg, Tin, Colin, Rob, Ken, Pete, Dieter, Doug, and Marc.

Our host, Colin, gave everyone a tour of his factory prior to the meeting which was held in their new conference room.  During the tour everyone got to use one of the micro sandblasters made by Comco to etch our own coffee mugs.

The first couple hours of the meeting were spent with everyone presenting their first quarter report to the “board” on how they were doing toward their 2018 goals and objectives.  We reported on both our personal and professional goals.

  • Gregg reported meeting most of his goals but fell short on writing and playing more music
  • Ken is meeting his goals of a 300% increase in sales this year but needed help on communicating to his team
  • Marc reported on the status of the possible sale or merge of his business and the possible move to a bigger house
  • Tin reported adding new clients to his agency but that he hasn’t gotten to the gym as much as he wanted to
  • Rob reported on strong Q1 sales for Metrix Valve and the announcement that his first child is due this August
  • Pete gave us an update on the purchase of the meat processing plant in Huston and his unopposed run for the San Pedro City Council
  • Dieter asked to take a break from Vistage because he’s gotten so many ideas for improving his business that he needs time to implement everything before coming back for more

After the break, Colin gave us a presentation on Comco then we helped him process his issue about how to replace a retiring sales manager.

Ken then asked the group’s advice on how to create procedures and systems to communicate to his team during his fast-paced expansion.

As we were wrapping up, Doug announced that he decided to leave Psychic Bunny and go in another direction therefore this would be his last meeting.  We wish Doug well and thanked him for his valuable insights and contribution to the group.

Antarctic Mike Pierce will be our speaker in the afternoon of our next meeting.  You’ll see a quote by Mike in the May 2018 issue of Inc. magazine on page 22 “Everybody has a different definition of difficulty.  When you change your definition, you can change your ability.”  Mike will be speaking to us on “Keeping Great Employees focused”.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday May 22nd hosted by Tin Yen at TYS Creative: 1111 Corporate Center Drive Suite 205, Monterey Park.  This will be an all-day meeting with members only in the morning and a speaker in the afternoon.

We can have as many guests as Tin’s conference room will hold for the afternoon meeting.  If you know of a co-worker, customer, vendor, or Vistage prospect that you feel would benefit from hearing Mike speak, let me know.