Branding Building Services

cropped-01b84bd815c0fdb72a5069c2bed5a40a86b9ce7577-e14704953319451.jpgIt’s all about First Impressions.

What’s the first impression your client or stakeholders have about you, your firm, or your product?

What’s the story they tell others about you?

The Burdge Branding Group is a team of veteran researchers, strategists, designers, and creative specialists are experts in the art and science of creating brand loyalty. We help our clients launch new brands, align under-performing brands and determine what a high-performance brand should do next.

Whether creating an enticing name or logo, uncovering rich insights about what attaches people to a brand, or enabling an entire experience, our approach is always the same. We connect the story of the brand to the story of the customer, creating lasting attachment and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Collectively we represent over 100 years of the best practices used today to help your brand and your story, stand out to those that matter most to you.

Experience you can trust

It all started in 1923 when Charles Burdge opened his engraving shop in downtown Los Angeles.  Back then engravers would meet with business owners to create a brand for their stationery.  Two generations later Don Burdge continues the legacy bringing together brand strategists, graphic designers, web programmers and writers to create lasting brands.

Our Team

Our team has decades of branding experience.  From working with clients like American Airlines, America on Line, and Taco Bell to smaller partnerships and LLC, our team has done it all.

Our Services

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Naming
  • Print Services
  • Web Design
  • Social Media

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