Earthquake in Chile cause Paper Prices to Rise

Chile’s earthquake, along with a port strike in Finland, caused the price of pulp to rise to it’s biggest seven-day increase in almost six years. Chile and Finland together account for 12 percent of the world’s pulp sales and production in those two countries have come to a halt.

Paper: The ultimate sustainable resource

Nearly 60% of all paper in the U.S. is recycled and more than 63% of the fiber used to make new paper comes from recycled sources. Only 18% of all electronic devices are currently recycled. More than 2 million tons of electronic devices were disposed of in U.S. landfills in 2008.

Toner Offset on personal correspondence letters

Have you ever opened a letter and noticed that the toner used to print the body of that letter had offset onto the letterhead paper? I noticed it time after time and I couldn’t understand is why this has happening. When I print a letter out at my desktop laser printer, the letter looks clean and beautiful yet when it arrived on the desk of the person I am mailing it to the toner used to write the letter offsets onto the letterhead paper.

Sustainable Printing Tips

Developing sustainable printing habits is not just a phase or a craze, but is an essential part of being a responsible citizen of the world. HP seeks to help those who would like to make a commitment towards becoming a more responsible printer user by posting a few tips and tricks on their website. Before […]