Trend moving away from e-holiday cards

A “Tangible” expression of your appreciation is the most effective, and cost effective, way to differentiate yourself in today’s social media marketplace…


Why did we merge?

Our customers are no longer buying letterheads and envelopes as they once were. Gradually, over the years, we have become primarily a business card printer and this merger means we will now be able to expand our product line to Burdge’s customers. Cooper clients will be able to gain the expertise we have in our web-to-print solutions and in working with design and branding firms on corporate identity systems.

Burdge and Stuart F. Cooper to Merge

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 1, 2010 – Two of Southern California’s venerable printing companies, Burdge Incorporated founded in 1923 and Stuart F. Cooper founded in 1929, announced their merger effective today.  Stuart F. Cooper is a primary supplier of engraved and printed products to law firms, accounting and consulting firms, corporations, and self-publishers while Burdge […]

It’s time to Fight Back

If we start to view our problem in political terms instead of business terms a solution starts to appear. There is a saying that all politics is local, and most printing is local too. According to PIA there are over 36,000 printing companies in the United States employing almost 1 million people. Every one of those one million people, and their families, has an interest to keep Print Alive. The trick is how to call them to action and how to let them know that their action will count.

Earthquake in Chile cause Paper Prices to Rise

Chile’s earthquake, along with a port strike in Finland, caused the price of pulp to rise to it’s biggest seven-day increase in almost six years. Chile and Finland together account for 12 percent of the world’s pulp sales and production in those two countries have come to a halt.

“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” impressed with engraving

“Engraving is nicer and more memorable than regular printing” Kyle said, “one has a limited amount of time to make an impression and with an engraved card that impression is not only visual but tactile as well.”

Counterfeit (or Anti-Counterfeit) Printing

Counterfeiting has a long history in our past. My grandfather was approached one day by two men in dark suits at the end of the business day. As the story goes, they entered his business and told him that they knew that he had the skills to duplicate engraving plates used to make the twenty-dollar bill. They also told him that they knew where he lived and that they knew he had a baby boy at home (my father) and that if he didn’t make the twenty-dollar plate their would be trouble.

eMail Holiday Cards May Send the Wrong Message

The sentiment expressed when you snail-mail a card, picked by you, addressed by you and signed by you cannot be duplicated on a color monitor. Some people like to use the free electronic greeting cards that send an eMail message that points the recipient to a web page that has an animated greeting card, some artificial music, and an ad for a product! What feeling does that convey?

What’s better, direct mail or e-mail?

Determining whether e-mail or direct mail is best for your marketing largely depends on your business model. In today’s economic environment a combination of both probably makes the most sense in order to maximize your marketing return on investment. The key is ensuring that you are delivering a compelling message to your targeted audience.