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Don Burdge, CEO Coach

For the past 28 years, Don has been operating and acquiring middle market companies.  In 1988, Don acquired and took over the leadership of a printing company begun by his grandfather in 1923.

Once acquired, Don was faced with both managing the daily operations of the company, but more challenging, how to remain successful in a declining industry.  Don recognized that print media was being replaced with digital media and needed to create a business plan to address this.

Don pulled from the work from the likes of Harvard’s Michael E. Porter on how to manage and position a company with declining macro trends. (1)

In the mid 90’s, Don began to acquire and consolidate his market.  Other operators were not managing a changing industry as successfully as Don and these created acquisition opportunities.  Through industry consolidation, Don was able to grow revenue, acquire and shut down redundant operations, preserve margins, and expand geographically.  Implementing this strategy, he expanded beyond California with a printing plant in Atlanta, Georgia.

Don also implemented a digital/social media strategy to build awareness and implement more efficient product ordering/fulfillment.  He embarked on educating consumers on the need for print media to make an impact with their customers.  As well, he expanded into micro book publishing and new areas of print media. This expansion allowed his company to become an attractive acquisition target for a larger industry consolidator.

In 2008, Don planned his exit strategy by identifying the largest privately held printing company in the country then positioned himself as a target for their acquisition.  In 2014 Taylor Corporation purchased his company in an all cash deal and offered all its employees jobs at the new company.

Don retired from Taylor in 2016 to pursue a career coaching other CEO’s in the Los Angeles / Long Beach area with Vistage International.

As a Visage Coach, Don is particularly adept at:

  • How to manage profit margins in middle market operations
  • How to approach and acquire competitors
  • How to integrate operations and management from acquired companies
  • How to re-brand your company
  • How to manage operations in declining industries
  • How to manage operations in difficult economic times
  • How to implement a digital marketing strategy and digital sales in traditional industries
  • Managing daily operations with a focus on HR, A/R collections, CapEx strategies, multi-state operations, and other management skills

(1) (Example of MIchael Porter’s work:

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