February 2018 Meeting Notes

Here’s a recap of the February 18, 2018 meeting:

  • In attendance was Dieter, Gregg, Doug, Matt, Tin, Colin, Pete and Ken; absent were Rob and Marc.  We also had two guests join us for the afternoon session, Nick and Linus from Bulk Beef Jerky.
  • This was Pete’s first meeting, welcome Pete.  He introduced himself and told us a bit of his journey as founder of Bulk Beef Jerky.
  • We discussed what might put you out of business and what you can do now to defend against that.  Don’t let a flock of geese take you down.

    January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River

    Some ideas were:

    • Do an insurance audit
    • Retain an HR consultant
    • Have a defense attorney ready if needed
    • Transfer your assets to a trust
    • Have a PR firm ready if needed
    • Have adequate cash on hand for the next recession
  • Matt gave us a presentation on PXL Agency (thank you Matt for hosting and feeding us)
  • We processed Tin’s issue of hiring and retaining top talent
  • We discussed bonus plans

Tim McCarthy let us on a journey through the CXO’s Marketing Tool Kit  We learned that the Five Immutable Laws of Effective & Efficient Marketing are:

    1. Focus on your list first
    2. Create a compelling offer in 8-15 words
    3. Create compelling but clear creative
    4. Put 1 2 and 3 in a flywheel that manufactures customers
    5. USE BCG matrix to allocate marketing and sales dollars