May 2018 Meeting Notes

At the morning’s executive session, we discussed getting away and doing  something together that didn’t involve a meetingRob and Pete are  setting up an outing to a gun range within the next month or so, details to follow.

We have an opportunity to go to sea for a day with the US Navy out of their Coronado Navy base.  They’ll fly us out to one of their ships off the coast and we’ll spend the day on-board while they go through their drills.  They are looking for business leaders like us; the only requirement is that you need to be a US citizen, under 70 and with no criminal record.  I’ll send in applications and keep you posted.

  • Tin gave us a great host presentation about TYS Creative.  Then we  processed an issue he had about how to delegate better.  In the process he uncovered a deeper issue holding him back.  Tin will report back to us next month on the commitments he made around this.
  • Matt had a question about how to give his employees more responsibility before giving them a raise.  He made a commitment to the group that he’ll report on next month.
  • Ken wanted to know how others are handling helping others financially without enabling them.  Several suggestions and recommendations came out of this discussion but the take away was that Ken was going to develop a company policy about lending money.

With Antarctic Mike

After lunch “Antarctic Mike” both entertained and educated us with his personal journey to Antarctica in the footsteps of his hero Earnest Shackleton.  One of the takeaways was to come up with a story about your company to attract great people Here’s a link to see what he did during the meeting for Krystof at Ecogate.

Mike inspired us with direction how to engage and keep our best people engaged through our own action plan.  Here’s a link to Mike’s talk If you missed it.


Our next meeting will be on Thursday June 21st hosted by Gregg Lehrman at Output.  Along with issues and opportunities, we’ll also talk about what topics you’d like to hear from upcoming speakers.