matt-r “Working with Don has been great for my business and my sanity. His wealth of experience has helped me formulate a plan to grow and market my business. He’s been great at keeping me motivated and on task. I highly recommend working with Don if you’re ready to take your business to the next level.” – Matt Ramage; CEO, EMarketed

“I met Don 25 years ago through a peer network called TEC, which later became Vistage.  Don was an active and insightful addition to the group of 12 business owners and CEO’s.  When members had business issues to present to the group, Don had reasoned input backtom-red by actu al experience to add to the discussion.   I supported and watched D on grow his business from a small local printing busine
ss to become a national printing powerhouse, one of the largest and most respected in North America.  He is a strategic thinker with a clear-eyed view of the future and is always learning.  Don is a good listener with both the educational and practical experience to be an excellent executive or CEO coach. Finally, Don is a genuinely a good person, fun to be around and a great friend.”
-Tom Reynolds; founder, The Reynolds Group

“Don has excellent leadership skills and a complete grasp of his industry. I wrote his company’s newsletter for four years and fourob-bnd Don to be a gracious leader of his troops who looked for contributions from everyone. While interviewing his clients for testimonials I learned how he and his employees always found ways to meet their creative and production needs within budget.” – Rob Bryant; owner, Western Editorial

“I’ve had the gooddavid-l fortune to hire Don for printing at Burdge and be hired by Don to provide brand communications services for Burdge. Both scenarios have yielded great results. Don has vision, a passion for quality and provides stellar service. I admire that he has not simply relied on the history and reputation of Burdge. Don is constantly looking for areas to modernize and improve the service that his company provides.” – David Lecours; Creative Director, LecoursDesign

john-h“I’ve worked with Don through the Board of Directors at The Printing Industry Association of Southern California. Don is hard working, smart, a team player, and easy to get along with. Basically, he is a great guy to know and to work with.”  – John Hodgman; president, Direct Connection